Ranking of Business Accounts 2019 ?

Loan and Credit Bank was at the top of our ranking primarily due to the offer ‘Account Worthy of Recommendation’. It is a company account addressed to small companies and clients who are just starting their own business.

Although Loan and Credit also offers products intended for larger entrepreneurs, the Firm Account Worth Recommending Account will be perfect for people who have low transaction needs. If after some time the company’s needs change, we will be able to use the company account in the Premium version.

Loan and Credit – Company Account Worth Recommending

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By creating an account for companies in the Loan and Credit bank, we also gain access to additional products and services. In addition, the bank has prepared preferential account conditions for new customers, which we can use for 24 months.
That’s not all. Currently, “Promotion for entrepreneurs II” is underway, where business owners can gain up to PLN 900.

All they have to do is actively use the payment card and the bank will refund them 4% of the value of completed transactions (for no more than PLN 150 per month) for the next six months. To take advantage of the Loan and Credit bank promotion, you must open a Company Account Worth Recommending by December 31, 2019.

Good Credit Business Account


The “Good Credit Account” company account offered by Good Credit was created for owners of sole proprietorships, commercial law companies and other entities that have full legal capacity. Bank customers can use the company account free of charge. Also, Good Credit does not charge any fees for issuing and using a payment card.

In addition to the company account, Good Credit has prepared for its business clients a number of additional products and services that are aimed at supporting business operations. These include:

  • Good Credit Savings – a deposit account with a promotional interest rate for new customers. It allows for a flexible and convenient way of investing the company’s financial surpluses.
  • Term deposits intended for entrepreneurs.
  • Financial loans for professionals – a type of funding targeted at the so-called freelancers who run their own businesses. This offer can be used by, among others doctors, dentists, veterinarians, notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, legal advisers, architects, property appraisers, tax advisers, auditors, surveyors and sworn translators.

Good Finance Bank – E-Money account

Good Finance Bank - E-Money account

The podium of our ranking of the best company accounts closes the Good Finance Bank offer. E-Money is addressed to entrepreneurs who want a cheap and intuitive account for companies, through which they can conduct financial settlements. Using E-Money is free, provided that the account balance is at least PLN 1,000 each month, we will make at least 4 card payments and agree to marketing communication.
E-Money is not only a basic bank account for companies, but also a number of additional products and services, such as:

  • Support accounts that we can keep in zlotys or other currencies. Such an account can be assigned to a specific business partner or can be used to make specific statutory payments. In addition, auxiliary accounts allow you to carry out cash and non-cash transactions and to set up deposits.
  • Deposit account – it is used for flexible placement of the company’s financial surpluses.
  • Autodealing – allows for 24-hour currency exchange.