Union Loan Interview with Good Finance: Manage Your Finances Safely

Union loan partner, Good Finance supports Internet users who want to optimize the management of their finances. To find out more about their offer, we met them and propose an interview with one of the co-founders, Maxime Camus.

We offer the widest choice of financial and asset investments at the best price (life insurance, real estate, tax exemption, stock market, …). Good Finance is also advice, comparators and simulators to better understand the proposed solutions and make the right choice. In addition, Internet users who wish can request without cost or commitment our experts who can guide and advise them in their research.

Why did you launch this offer?


E-Money – The world of financial services is complex and opaque. Finding high-performing, responsive and low-cost investments is a challenge today.

Finally, the range of solutions proposed by the bankers is very small compared to what exists on the market. To date, a complete showcase of investments did not exist; we decided to create it to open new horizons for Internet users in the management of their heritage.

Advantages of Good Finance compared to the classic banking system?

E-Money – The first advantage is to access all market investments when your banker can only offer you his “homemade products”.

Thanks to Good Finance, it is possible to take advantage of the best investments of the moment at the lowest rates on the market. Finally, Internet users benefit from valuable independent advice to better manage their finances. Good Finance is a financial coach before being a seller of products.

What are the goals of Good Finance?

What are the goals of Good Finance?

E-Money – Thanks to the emergence of new models, such as crowd funding or crowdfunding, more and more savers are taking control of their finances. Already a player in this movement, Good Finance is going to participate more and more in this phenomenon.

New features to help users control their wealth will be proposed soon. Finally, we continue our efforts to reference more and more attractive financial offers and to democratize new good plans that are often overlooked.